Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Android app: Complete Reference for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game.

Complete Reference for Pathfinder Roleplaying game

New app for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game.

We released a new Android app, Complete Reference for PF-RPG, to be used for every player and Game Master of the Pathfinder Roleplaying game. The app is meant as a very quick and easy to use reference along with a wide variety of tools for combat handling and GM'ing.
It contains all the content from the Pathfinder Reference Document under the OGL, and can be easily expanded by homebrew content using the in-app or online editors.

To give some examples of how you can use the app:

You want to know what Arrowmaster's Bracers are
You just got a magical item from an encounter and after identifying the item you now know they are Arrowmaster's Bracers. You quickly open the app and search for "Arrowmaster" in the search all field. The first result is the item you are looking for and you note the details on your character sheet and bookmark the item for later reference.

As a game master you need to prepare encounters
You can use the app to search for monsters using all kinds of handy features. In this case you could for example search for a list of monsters with a challenge rating below 6 that live in desert areas sorted on challenge rating. The app provides you immediately with the list requested and you can bookmark the monsters of interest.
Once the encounter takes place in a session you can find the monsters in the bookmark section and add them to the initiative tracker inside the DM Tools to further manage the battle and keep track of your players.

As a player you need to keep track of numerous spells and details.
Using the bookmark and category views you can easily keep track of your complete spell book and backpack full of magical items.

Additional DM tools

Next to the numerous resources and ease of use, there are also the additional dungeon master (game master) tools. With the DM tools you can use your phone as a dice roller, generate random dungeon maps and track players initiative. Additionally, there are some handy name generators and sections to keep campaign notes and visited locations.
You can also use your Android Watch as a dice roller!

Sharing and Homebrew content

You can also share content and add your own home rules and content using our online tools. Using the online forum for the Complete Reference PFRPG app, you can easily discuss, report bugs or download additional content directly into the app.

Apply for a free forum account to use the online content editor.


We are happy to help you in case there are questions about using the app or any of the online tools. Feel free to send us feedback either on Google play or by sending us an email to

Want to give it a try?

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All the information provided by the application are bound by the terms of the Open Game License of Paizo Publishing. A copy of this license can be downloaded here:
We are not affiliated by any way to Paizo Publishing.